Martínez de Rozas

Martínez de Rozas 3550, Quinta Normal

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Project Details

Name : Capital Quinta Normal - Edificio Martinez Rozas
Address : Martínez de Rozas 3550
Access : Martínez de Rozas 3550
Zone : Quinta Normal
Real Estate
Estimated hand over date : Second Semester 2019
Building Permit : Active
Actual state : Under Construction Sale
Benefit : Exclusive sale
Number of apartments : 452
Exclusive apartments : 452
Cellars : 295
All the typologies must buy cellars.
Parkings : 94
Only for
3B-1B apartments
Type From Until
STUDIO 846 UF 1.455,75 UF
1B - 1B 1.202,65 UF 2.349,23 UF
2B - 1B 1.639,12 UF 2.823,73 UF
3B - 1B 2.154,82 UF 2.268,39 UF
cellars 56 UF (All typologies must buy cellars)
First floor parkings 376 UF (Includes parking and cellars)
Underground parkings 396 UF (Includes parking and cellars)
  • Reservation cost is about:
    USD$476,80 for 1D+1B, 2D+1B and 3D+1B typologies.
    The reservation plus downpayment.

    USD $783,12 for ESTUDIO typologies.
    Reservation plus downpayment.

    In case you give up the reservation a charge will be fined.

    Reservation apply exclusively to a natural person.

  • Reserve through BRICKOP

    You must send the following documents to:

    • Client full name
    • ID
    • Nationality
    • Marital status
    • Occupation
    • Address
    • District
    • E_mail
    • Client phone number
    • Broker Name
    • Apartment number
    • Apartment cost
    • Bank transfer receipt.
    • Proof of income 3 last received (dependant worker) or 6 last fee bill (Independant worker)
    • Situational status.
  • The reserve is to be tranfered to bank account:

    Upgrade 3D SpA
    Account Number: 0504-0305-0100030207
    ID: 76.167.912-0
    Current account Bank BBVA
    Payment method:
    Khipu, Web Pay or Bank Transfer.
    Once terms and conditions are accepted the client that dessist of the reservation will lose it.
  • 15% of the total sale price of the apartment.

  • Method of payment for all typologies:

    1. payments.
    2. payments 12% + 1 payment of 3%.
    3. Client also can pay the full downpayment ammount in only one payment.

    • * Payments must be documented with the check at the momment of signing the purchase agreement.
    • ** Payments diminish monthly.

  • Downpayment method:
    Checks must be nominative and crossed on behalf of real estate S2 MDR SpA
    Check issuance days:
    5 to 20 of every month, you choose.
    Is important that the client has a current account and a checkbook available before signing the promissory contract to avoid any possible delays.
  • It's mandattory for the investor to revise the purchase agreement before the reservation. Later no changes will be done.
  • The purchase agreement will not be subject to any modification of clauses and no exceptions will be made, nor change of date in the checks.
  • About the format:

    1. It must be printed on an offset sheet on both sides of the sheet.
    2. Signed with blue ink pen.
    3. The client must leave a finger print aside of the sign.
    4. 3 copies must be printed: 2 for real estate and 1 for the client (the 3 copies must be send for report)
    5. Checks must be nominative and crossed on behalf of real estate: Inmobiliaria S2 MDR SpA
    6. Checks must be clearly written.
    7. In case of been married in conjugal community both parties must be individualized in the promissory contract and both must sign.
  • Promissory contract hand over:

    Yes (Left to define if is free or with real estate authorization)


8% + IVA

(Those with contractual agreements will have preferred credit management services.)

  • Credit Mangement
  • Apartment receiving report.
  • Real estate portal publications for tenants lookup
  • Lessee selection
  • Bill payment tracking (common expenses and essential services, electricty, gas, etc.
  • Apartment monthly status reporting
  • Continuous managment to maximise every owners income is important. We strive to maintain all apartments leases, generating higher revenue for the common lease fund.
  • Monthly income settle of the lease common fund for every owner.
  • We pay for the lega portion in case of non-payment.


10% + IVA


  • Lessee selection.
  • Basic service tracking (electricty, water and common expenses)
  • Apartment monthly status report.

Yo can do it through a broker or directly HERE. If a reservation is needed the avalibilty of the apartments will be subject to confirmation on the part of

This project does not need pre-approval.

All the money by downpayment concept.

The client must pay the operational costs at the moment of signing.

Probate expenses are payed by real estate.

Is important that before the reservation of your apartment you are aware of the purchase agreement so you can be aware of clauses that it has, given that no changes of any kind will be done later.

The client has 7 working days counting from the reservation of the apartment to sign the purchase agreement otherwise the sale will fall there will not be any cash refund for reservation concepts.

Lo Vial

San Nicolas 950, San Miguel

1.7611 UF